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Individual Therapy

Heal past trauma/Learn Emotional Regulation & Stress Managment Skills/Create Meaning/Finding Peace & Acceptance/Tools to Thrive/Genuine Healing

You may have hit a stage of life where you feel "in crisis" or just tired of the same old internal patterns. Whether internally battling the past or feelings of anxiety or depression... or externally managing the stress associated with your career, current relationships or loneliness. I've seen others heal their relationship to themselves and create a more calm, confident creative and curious way of living.


At times life disruptions are even further impacted by past trauma that has begun leaking into current everyday life. You may or may not associate directly with the word "trauma", but we are now beginning to understand that "adverse life experiences"....that are compounded, show many of the same symptoms and life disruption as PTSD. 

 If you're feeling confused and stuck, there is a whole other side to true healing and freedom. I would be honored to walk alongside the parts of you that are struggling or feeling the overwhelm.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you right now... you're not alone and therapy can help you move forward in some of the most important years of your life.

Seeking guidance

can be the most difficult but courageous and rewarding step you take towards getting the help you need.


And for some, confiding in our friends and family may be a coin toss in getting your needs met. It can be difficult knowing who to turn to and what advice to take.


   Talking with a therapist may seem nerve-racking at first, but it is often the first step in the right direction, and the first step towards forming the life you want.

Call today for a free 20 minute consulation 619-888-2014 and see how it may help get you to where you want to be!

Holding Plant

A Safe Place

Someone You Can Trust

Bringing Clarity & Understanding

Genuine Connection

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