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Amber C. Gruber, LMFT

B.A. in Psychology

M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy,

EMDR trauma trained

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #95299

Psychotherapist, Wife, Mother, urban "farmer"


I love what I do. I am passionate about

this work because I enjoy people

and helping them heal. 


I get to help others change their relationships and their lives! I love using methods like IFS(Internal Family Systems). I've seen it change and heal more than any other tool out there. It's truly amazing and has become a part of my own family's daily vocabulary.

I'm also EMDR(Emdria) trained and use this incredible method to help people heal their past trauma and/or past adverse life experiences. Most people are trying to manage their symptoms which can resemble continually mowing the lawn...EMDR addresses the roots so that the trauma/negative experiences stay in the past for good and ultimately feel less disturbing. 

IFS & EMDR has changed my life as well as those closest to me and I'm so just grateful to be doing this work. 




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San Diego

My office is centrally located in Mission Valley,

San Diego 


Therapy via telemedicine is available within the states of California & Indiana

Therapy is a unique setting. Dr. Howes calls it "a college course where you’re the only subject". If you're looking to better your life, therapy can be the catalyst to making that change.

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