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Couples Counseling &

Individual Therapy


Many people would love the opportunity to feel connected again to their communities and the people that matter most... but often times they don't know where to begin.

If you catch yourself wishing negative patterns would shift for the better and feeling emotionally triggered or shut down is leaving you exhausted there's hope.​ Our team specialize in helping people who are experiencing disconnection, miscommunication, addiction or relationship issues here in San Diego.

When we get to the root of internal and external conflict many of us have some negative belief about ourselves ... such as "I'm not good enough", "or "I'm not in control". So often these beliefs have roots in the past that unknowingly direct behaviors and unfortunately impact the choices we make. In addition we use IFS (internal family systems) to help Clients heal their system and feel at peace inside. 

I specialize in helping Individuals heal from these past beliefs so they can make important life decisions unhindered and trust themselves to understand their internal world.

Do you find yourself wishing you could simply live in the present and feel freedom from the weight of old pain? I am an EMDRIA trained clinician which is seen by many as the "gold standard" for EMDR trauma work. I walk alongside people as they move beyond old experiences that are holding them captive.


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Work with a trained professional. Family and friendships, though invaluable in many ways, are give and take relationships that often come with a sense of judgement or unintentional shame. They often lack the expertise, confidentiality and non-bias that therapy can provide. Book an appointment today! 

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San Diego

We are centrally located in Mission Valley, San Diego 

Palm Springs

We are now offering services in the Palm Springs & Valley cities

Therapy is a great place to feel supported in learning new ways of living well

What others say:

Client Confidentiality is considered sacred.

The statements below represent testimonials from consenting colleagues and personal acquaintances during free workshops and seminars. 

College Students in Classroom

"Amber was able to provide such a great experience in terms of learning new ways to approach facilitating healing and growth with clients. She gave very clear and easy to understand instruction with a lot of expertise. The environment was pleasant, and I actually was able to take what I learned and apply it to my life the very same day. I am inspired, and excited to utilize these techniques in future work with clients. Thank you Amber!"

Image by taylor hernandez

Janya N.

Family at a Beach

"It has bettered my relationship with my husband, child and mother. Amber is a great facilitator!"



Image by taylor hernandez

Pam C.

Holding Hands

"I was a part of a marriage group with Amber. In only a few months, she enlightened us to tendencies in our relationships stemming from our past. She empowered us to name and understand our behaviors which have enabled us to change them or understand each other better. Amber is comfortable to talk with and when she listens I know that I've been heard and understood. Great job."

Image by taylor hernandez

Rob D.

Therapy is a unique setting. Dr. Howes calls it "a college course where you’re the only subject". If you're looking to better your life, therapy can be the catalyst to making that change.

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