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Couples Counseling

Rebuilding Trust/Collaboration/Healing Old Wounds/Emotional Intimacy/Renew Connection/Attachment Patterns/Communication Skills/Deepening Passion & Friendship

If you're looking to simply

Strengthen Your Connection

with your significant other or trying to navigate deeper issues like *addiction, *chronic miscommunication, *conflict, *resentment, *criticism, *loss of trust or *infidelity...


Therapy is a 

Safe Environment

where you can get to the heart of your relationship issues and start to heal old hurtful patterns. Most couples find that their negative patterns are actually old triggers getting set off by one another. Couples EMDR helps desensitize these old pain points so they're not as easily touched by our significant others. It's painful for both parties to live in a reactive relationship. 

In couples counseling we focus on help empower you with techniques to heal future conflict within yourself through IFS(Internal Family Systems) and with one another. 

Sessions give couples the neutral space to practice new skills and shift old behavior patterns that may be damaging the relationship. Without this practice it is often challenging for couples to translate what they have learned into new behavior patterns at home.


If you would like see significant change in your love relationships but don't know where to start call me today for a free 20 minute consulation (619)-888-2014.

Holding Plant

A Safe, Comfortable Place

Someone You Can Trust

Bringing Clarity & Understanding

Developing Genuine Connection

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